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Sutherland racing came about in 1967 when Kelly started outriding for the likes of Ralph Vigen.  He quickly moved into the wagon seat in 1968 and has been there ever since.  Mark followed his father's footsteps to the race track; starting his outriding career in 1987 20 years after Kelly and transitioning onto the wagon seat in 1993. 2013 saw Mark's son Dayton get on the track outriding for many drivers throughout the year. 

Racing has been in the Sutherland family for generations, with Kelly’s father Max being an accomplished trainer of thoroughbred racehorses. 

Kirk Sutherland is also a competitor on the WPCA with his nephew Mark and older brother Kelly.  Mitch (Kirk’s son) moved from the WCA to the WPCA in 2011.  Dean Dreger (Kelly’s son- in-law) races in the Western Chuckwagon Association in the Peace Country.  Over the years Mark and Kelly have had many races together including the Calgary Stampede Final dash in 2009.  The only major race with three Sutherlands was during the Ponoka Stampede Finals with Uncle Kirk in 2011, while running for $50,000 and a pickup truck.  In 2013, four Sutherlands raced in the Calgary Stampede. 


An exciting driver and a top promoter of chuckwagon racing, Mark won the first championship of his career at the 2010 WPCA Dodge Pro Tour Championship.  Mark qualified for the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby’s sudden death final in 2009, is a two-time winner of the Calgary Stampede's Safe Drive Award for the least penalized driver, and won the 2009 WPCA Clean Drive Award-becoming just the 2nd driver to win both the Calgary Stampede and WPCA clean drive awards in a single year.  Mark was also the recipient of the Calgary Stampede‘s Orville Strandquist Award for the top Rookie Driver in 1996.  Mark was named the WPCA's Chuckwagon Person of the Year in 2011.  The 2015 racing season brought Mark another win at Saskatoon where he also broke the track record. Qualifying for the 2015 Calgary Stampede Semifinals was another highlight of the year where Mark and Kelly faced off for another time. In the end, Mark finished 5th in the Stampede semifinals. 


Kelly has won the WPCA Dodge Pro Tour Championship three times, was named the WPCA's Chuckwagon Person of the Year in 1994, won the 2005 WPCA Clean Drive Award, and has had 5 horses named to the WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence. He received the Calgary Stampede's Mullen Group Safe Drive Award for the least penalized driver in 2002, and outrode for Ralph Vigen’s Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Championship outfit in 1972. Kelly has over 100 major awards and victories in a career spanning forty years, and has captured practically every major event in chuckwagon racing history. Mentored by chuckwagon legends Dave Lewis and Ralph Vigen, Kelly himself is a living legend with his signature eagle feather and thumbs up wave to the crowd upon completion of every race.

Kelly was the a torchbearer on the Olympic Torch Relay for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and was asked to greet the Royals, Will and Kate, during their trip to Calgary in 2011. Kelly explained the sport to the couple answering their questions before Prince William was invited to toss the stove into the back of the wagon.


Dayton started his outriding career in 2013 riding for his father Mark on the final night of racing in Medicine Hat.  Dayton continued throughout the year riding regularly for Mark, Kelly and Tim Haroldson.  Dayton finished the year strong riding for a number of top competitors including Jason Glass and Mitch Sutherland.
His highlight of the year was riding on the final night of the Strathmore Stampede and winning the show behind his Grandpa Kelly.

Dayton continued his outriding in 2014 at almost all shows including the Ponoka Stampede and The Calgary Stampede.  The season was a big one as Dayton went to the WPCA qualification run-off to try his hand at racing in the WPCA as a driver for the 2015 season. 

The 2015 season was big for Dayton. He competed at the Grande Prairie Stompede and Dawson Creek Fall Fair as a chuckwagon driver for the WCA narrowly missing the Dawson Creek Dash. 2015 also saw Dayton  winning his first outriding show championship in Saskatoon with his dad.

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