Sutherland Chuckwagon Racing

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Horse Profiles


Foaled in Washington in 2003, Tex became a member of the Sutherland Racing Team in the fall of 2008. From the very next spring as a rookie Tex was on Mark's barrel one and two hook. He was originally on the left wheel where he learned the ropes from the other three veterans.  In 2013 Tex had to make the move up to the left lead position where he still races today. Known for his great power and start when the horn sounds Tex won the Equine Horse of the year award in 2011.

Tex isn't a real people person. In fact, you will often find him with his bum sticking out of the stall instead of his head because he's just not that into people.


One of the few horses not broke as a rookie by Mark, Digger was bought from another chuckwagon driver in 2014. Digger made Mark's top outfit in the right lead position in 2015 on the one and two barrels.  Foaled in 2001, and  a friendly horse, Digger is easy to pick out because of his light grey color with thousands of little black spots.

Digger likes people but if you leave him alone he's ok with that too. He will enjoy a treat but typically only carrots.

Phantom has the same bloodlines as Manny and likes treats as well; he will nibble at you until you give him a treat.  He joined the Sutherland team in the fall of 2010 and raced in 2011 as a rookie. He started on the left wheel and has now been moved to the left lead.  He gets pumped up before he races and will often stamp and kick his feet; letting us know he is ready to run. He is a hard runner that charges to the top barrel; which makes it easy to turn. Kelly drives him on his top one and two barrel outfit. Foaled in 2006, Phantom looks to have many years left on the Sutherland racing team.


Always the life of the party Winner is usually a favorite of many visitors to the barn. He is often caught with his tongue sticking out and he's always trying to nibble on something. When it comes time to race though, Winner drops his mister nice guy attitude and turns into a race ready demon. He has been known to kick while hooking and standing while on the chuckwagon. Winner really gets ready for the race. Foaled in 2002, Winner was bought during the fall of 2009. While he currently holds down the position of left lead on Mark's top barrel three and four outfit, Winner has successfully filled in as a right and left leader on Mark's top barrel one and two team.  A very small horse with a very big heart, Winner is always the first to move at the sound of the horn.

The Retired Stars

Ralph and Bobby

The famous lead team of Ralph and Bobby. Most people know their accomplishments on the Chuckwagon circuit, winning over 24 shows, 3 world titles and 5 Calgary Stampede titles. 

Ralph, the grey horse, was not the most sociable horse but he was proud and determined and so loyal to Bobby. The two of them were inseparable and you would find them in the pasture, side by side, in their wagon position. They... both had big hearts and gave everything they had.
Ralph hated to lose and would get mad if it wasn't his turn to run. Before race time we lay the harness out in front of the horses that will be running. Ralph new that if the harness wasn't laying in front of his stall he didn't get to run. He would go to the back of his stall and pout.
Bobby was the first to pass away on the farm and when we loaded Ralph up to head to a race meet I will never forget; he took one step onto the trailer, stopped and looked back. As silly as it sounds I know he was saying good bye to Bobby.
Ralph passed away later that year of a broken heart. I don't think he could stand being separated from Bobby.

Manny is a playful horse that loves apples and carrots and will try to get into your pocket to find a treat. He loves people and will be one of the first horses to approach you in the field. Dina fell instantly in love with him when they first met in the barns at Emerald Downs in Seattle. Phantom and Manny have been friends since joining the Sutherland Racing team together in the fall of 2010 and they are inseparable. He is a solid and honest horse that will stand perfect in the barrels until the horn goes and is versatile because he can race on any barrel.  Currently holding down the right wheel position on the top outfit, Manny is going to try to make a move to the right lead.  Foaled in 2006 and always mature beyond his age Manny is a quiet gentle soul that remains calm before the races.